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These are exciting times for the Lions Pride Campaign and the Wisconsin Lions Foundation. The process of creating a new non-profit corporation that will be known as The Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc. is underway. The new corporation will be fully in place operationally effective January 1, 2012.

Chairman Dewey Carl and the Pride staff are pleased and have encouraged this development for some time. As noted by Wisconsin Lions Foundation’s Immediate Past President Dave Kaiser, “My fellow Directors and I strongly believe that this restructuring [of the Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc. and Birch-Sturm Fund] into separate 501(c)3 non-profit corporations is in the best interest of the Lions of Wisconsin.

“This decision was made after many months of research and planning and was highly recommended by the WLF Long Range Planning Committee (two members of that committee are Past International Directors that have professional financial backgrounds to their credit), our Auditors at Kerber, Rose & Associates and two attorneys from the highly-regarded Milwaukee Law Firm of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.”

Chairman Dewey notes that, "The sole purpose of Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc. remains the same: to preserve, protect and provide significant financial support for the continuation of all WLF statewide projects, Today’s Help...Tomorrow’s Hope." While separate corporate entities, all parties will always share common interest in these projects and those they serve. Because of this special relationship, opportunities for cooperative and collaborative efforts will serve the interests of both the WLF and Lions Pride.

Continuity of Pride strategies and plans are essential, including those established by our Investment Board. To that end it is most gratifying that all Investment Board members have chosen to continue to serve on The Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc. Board of Directors as we move forward, with two additions: DG Rick Koch, serving as the Council Representative on the Board and PDG Stan Carlson (PDG Stan was a member of the original Pride Steering Committee).

What is the impact of forming the new Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc.? First and foremost, the mission of Lions Pride to provide financial support for all the WLF projects remains unchanged. What does change, however, is that management is provided at the direction of an independent and dedicated Board of Directors, both Lions and Non-Lion each bringing in-depth business, finance, accounting, non-profit or other professional experience perspectives to bear on growing the Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc. Today’s Help...Tomorrow’s Hope

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